Foie gras

TheFoie grasis the fat liverof poultry: ofduck(canard), with a typical flavor, or ofgoose(oie), with a more delicate flavor.

Processed in the South West of France, the foie gras that comes from this region is awarded the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) mark.
Foie gras has acharacteristic tasteand a very special texture from thebeautifulgreasiness . Although often confused with paté, foie gras and paté are two different ingredients . For example, foie gras is never spread even if it is usually served accompanied with bread.

From a careful selection of the best local realities, to guarantee taste and quality, you can order foie gras online in the following types: foie gras cru,foie gras entierisbloc de foie gras de canard.

- Thefoie gras cruis a super fresh, ideal for creating very personal recipes.
Traditionally it is prepared in escalopes (cooked in a pan and served immediately) or in a double boiler in a bowl (to be served after the right refinement with flavors and spices).

- TheFoie gras entieris a foie gras ready to be served and is the most valuable preserve because it is made with whole liver parts (from the same liveror at most two different livers).
If foie gras entier has been processed at a lower temperature than pasteurization, it is called foie gras mi cuit and must be kept in the fridge; what you see instead in the can has been cooked at over 100 degrees and is kept for years at room temperature: like a great good wine, foie gras cuit is refined over time and acquires original nuances and notes. There is no difference between glass or can storage but it is only a matter of convenience at the time of service.

- TheBloc de foie grasde canard is the emulsion of several pieces of duck liver .Very similar to a pate , we recommend it to those who want to approach the world of foie gras for the first time.

Both foie gras entier and bloc de foie gras de canard, to be served at the right temperature, must be kept in the fridge 24 hours before consuming them. They are traditionally accompanied with sweet flavors such as compotes, fruit, brioche bread and musty wine, such as sauternes.

You can also order French foie gras specialties online with us, such as paté and mousse .

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