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Moscato Passito del Molise DOC "Apianae" 2014, l. 0,50 - Di Majo Norante
From this ancient vine dear to the Popes, which was cultivated in Italy as early as 200 BC. with the name of Apicia, Apicius or Apianae - according to Colummella and the other Georgics, a sweet wine with a Moscato flavor was obtained.
The nose is beautifully ample where you can grasp the intriguing varietal of Moscato Reale in all its typicality. It is a wide wine with a muscat flavor, rich, with net residual sugars but with a dry aftertaste. Meditation wine, it goes well with paté, foie gras, desserts (dry pastries and chocolate) and blue cheeses and aged washed rind cheeses.
Serving temperature: 10 ° -12 ° C
Sciacchetrà Cinqueterre DOC 2017, l. 0.375 - Tenuta Rosadimaggio - Arrigoni
Born from the natural drying of grapes selected before harvest and harvested from the vines cultivated overlooking the sea of the Cinque Terre. Sciacchetrà is a passito wine of great structure, in which freshness and sweetness are balanced; on the nose it reveals a scent of dried fruit with hints of wild herbs, thyme and sage.
Passito wine aged in chestnut and oak barrels for at least 3 years. Perfect companion to extra-aged aged cheeses, small dry pastries and dark chocolate. Classic after a meal and as a meditation wine.
Grapes: Drying of the best Bosco grapes (mainly), Albarola and Vermentino.
Serving temperature: 11 ° C-12 ° C
Recommended glass: a small long-stemmed goblet.
Sciacchetrà Cinque Terre DOC 2017, l. 0.375 - Begasti
Raisin wine of the Cinque Terre of Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino grapes grown in the typical terraces overlooking the sea: unique vineyards for the extraordinary landscape and quality of the fruit. After being harvested, the grapes are left to dry until late autumn on the characteristic racks of the place that allow the bunches to be ventilated well. At the end you will have grapes with an excellent sugar concentration which will then give life - after at least three years of aging in wooden kegs - to a passito with great structure and body.
Sciacchetrà is a perfect meditation wine, excellent as a passito at the end of a meal to accompany dry pastries and dark chocolate-based desserts. It can also be chosen as a wine to pair with very aged cheeses, blue cheeses and foie gras.
Sciacchetrà Cinque Terre DOC 2018, l. 0,375 - Terenzuola
A sip of this sweet wine is enough to be magically transported to the Cinque Terre. A fascinating sweet wine that tells us about that landscape of the Ligurian coast of breathtaking beauty, with its fishing villages between cliffs and inlets, and the olive trees and vineyards that rise from the sea clinging to the hills thanks to the characteristic terraces made with stone walls. dry: an agricultural environment unique in the world, overlooking the water.
The Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino grapes harvested in early autumn are left to dry naturally in the air until November when it can be vinified.
Freshness, roundness of taste, great structure, voluminous body: it is difficult to enclose in a few words all the sensations that a meditation wine of this level can give.
The classic combination is with dry pastries (better than the local tradition) but it can also be served together with chocolate. It is an important passito wine that can be chosen to accompany foie gras and aged cheeses as well as blue ones.
Optimal serving temperature 11 ° C – 12 ° C in medium-sized glasses.
Passito di Pantelleria DOC "Arbaria" 2012, l. 0,50 - Vinisola
From the best Zibibbo grapes (Moscato di Alessandria) subjected to drying in the sun, Arbaria is born, a meditation wine, with a velvety, aromatic and sweet taste. It goes sweetly with blue, spicy and pungent cheeses (Gorgonzola, Roquefort but also Epoisses and Langres) with almond and cassata desserts, typical of the Sicilian tradition.
Preferably served in medium tulip-shaped glasses at a temperature of 10-12 ° C, it will captivate the palate of those who taste it. Excellent meditation wine even at room temperature.
Aroma: Characteristic of dried grapes with ripe and candied fruit
Taste: Sweet aromatic with almond aftertaste
Orvieto Classico Superiore DOC Vendemmia Tardiva 2016, l. 0,375 - Tenuta di Salviano
Thanks to the particular environmental conditions of Lake Corbara, which develop due to the local microclimate, the grapes of the vineyards closest to the lake are suitable for hosting the noble rot Botrytis Cinerea which thins the skin, concentrating and enriching the aromatic complexity: sweetness sugary grape is embellished with notes of ripe fruit, honey, resin, up to iodized and mineral hints. The harvest takes place by hand following the different ripening periods between the end of October and the beginning of November.
Grapes: Grechetto and Procanico.
The musty wines are ideal as meditation wines, to accompany dry pastries and chocolate; but they are not just sweet wines for the end of a meal, they are excellent wines for starters and tastings, to be paired with foie gras or cheeses with a strong and pungent aroma, such as blue cheeses and cheeses with rind washed after aging.