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Voss Sparkling Water, 375 ml - Voss
The water source Voss is located on the Norwegian peaks, a perfect pristine environment, making it one of the purest waters in the world.
Extremely low in sodium and mineral salts, the water Voss is characterized by a very high purity and a taste read, really inimitable. The design of the bottle represents the flagship for this unique product, contributing to the success found worldwide, even among the most demanding consumers.
Apple Juice Rossi 1947, 0.75 l – Rossi 1947

100% Apple juice!
The Rossi 1947 apple juice is obtained by cold pressing only apples, without adding concentrates, preservatives and dyes: a pure and healthy product, rich in all the nutrients present in the apples from which it is obtained.
Perfect not only as a snack and breakfast, but also slightly warmed and spicy (the so-called brûlé apple), elongated with water and lemon as a refreshing drink, or as an ingredient for tasty cocktails and recipes.