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Acacia Honey, 250gr - Dada
Honey with an ethereal, warm and fine perfume. Basically a sugared almond. Clear as a windy day, with a delicate taste like the white flowers from which it derives, with a reference to sweet almond and vanilla.Ideal for sweetening tea and herbal teas, it enhances its flavor without modifying it and is easily soluble. Recommended on fruit salad to prevent oxidation.
Millefiori Honey 400gr - Thun
Millefiori is defined as honey born from the combination of multiple flower blooms. Each millefiori has exclusive characteristics: all the flavor of Tyrolean nature is enclosed in this jar.The millefiori D’Arbo is clear and delicate, ideal for sweetening tea or other drinks, to give the final touch to muesli or yoghurt or to prepare the classic honey sandwiches.
Eucalyptus honey, 400gr - Thun
Honey with a compact consistency, its smell is slightly smoked with complex notes of dry porcino and broth nut. The aroma is characteristic for the presence of eucalyptol; Strong taste, between sweet and salty, sometimes spicy. It goes well with dishes with aromatic herbs, soups and legumes, but also fish and vinaigrette vegetables, medium-aged cheeses such as pecorino.
Linden honey, 250gr - Thun
Strong, almost medicinal perfume that clearly recalls the aroma of the flower to which it derives. Afterwards, incense and resin reach the nose. Refreshing in the mouth, menthol, sage, lime and citrus are felt.Recommended for all teas, herbal teas, infusions, fresh drinks and dishes that involve the use of fresh sausage or goat ricotta.
Honey Sulla, 250gr - Thun
Produced with nectar from sulla, a forage herb. It has a very light, wax white color. Floral and light perfume, delicate and sweet flavor with a vague hint of dry grass.Used for the preparation of desserts such as nougats, also excellent for tea and infusions thanks to its sweetness and neutral flavor. Perfect in baked goods, it makes the bread softer, longer lasting and more fragrant.
Thistle honey, 250gr - Thun
Honey typical of the Mediterranean scrub, light amber color with orange and green shades. Intense aroma of chrysanthemum and daisies, hummus, peat and bark. Persistent taste, immediately sweet with an acidulous aftertaste. Ideal with cereals, legumes and very spicy dishes such as hummus, but also dried fruit, medium-aged cheeses, boiled potatoes and full-bodied red wines.
Honey Bosco, 250gr - Thun
Strong, penetrating smell, reminiscent of holy wine, apricot compote, black spices, with a licorice finish. It is considered the honey of athletes, because it is rich in potassium and mineral salts. It goes well with American coffee or mocha, for breakfast combined with white yogurt and dried fruit, on bread with butter or extra virgin olive oil.