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Bluefin tuna, Ta and ventresca

You know that at one time, not having developed modern freezing systems and transportation fresh tuna was consumed almost exclusively in fishing, but today has developed its preservation, it is possible to taste it at its best thanks to conservation initially in salt and olive oil.

The best bluefin tuna must exceed 80 kg in weight and soon after being caught must be kept at a low temperature and worked to keep cool at best.

The food can be divided into three types: tuna fillet, the TA and the belly.

The part normally marketedas bluefin tuna is that found on the dorsal side. It's the least valuable, albeit very tasty, and is by far the most lean.

The ventresca, by contrast, is the one piece of meat located in the ventral portion of the tuna. It is richer in fats and therefore is much softer. It is considered by fans and gourmets a real delicacy, sold separately because of better quality. Usually is not overly elaborate, but presentation is recommended with the topping of lemon or vinegar.

A third type of thread is the TA, which is located halfway between tuna ventresca: is softer on bluefin tuna fillet, without reaching the fattest belly's consistency, but doesn't lose the taste.
Ideal as an appetizer served with a few drops of lemon or as a key ingredient in preparing a sauce or condiment.