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Some tidbits on tuna

First thing to know is that tuna is the only warm-blooded fish.
There are several species of tuna, among which the most common are:

-Thunnus Albacares or yellow fin tuna: represents the variety most widely used for the canning industry.

- Thunnus thynnus : is the most prized, tuna meat sought after worldwide.

- Thunnus eutynnus pelamis: the cheapest, its meat is dark and slightly bitter flavor.

The ventresca (ventral part of the fish) is the most valuable part of a tuna, has a higher lipid content that makes it particularly tender and tasty.

The musciamme or bonito (fish's dorsal side) is the tuna fillet that is preserved under salt and can be eaten after 30 days. Ideal as a starter has an intense flavor and decided.

The mullet (the eggs of tuna) is a particularly refined and exclusive food. Eggs, wrapped in fish ovifera are salted, pressed and dried in the Sun.


Why is it called Red Tuna?
Its name is derived from the large amount of blood vessels that allow it to have a temperature of 10° greater than that of the sea and provide great muscle power.

The tuna is fast?
The tuna is very fast.
Can reach 75 mph. The dorsal fin and pectoral fins are retractable ones in special cavities in order to facilitatethe acceleration. It is able to make great migrations in no time.

The tuna does not escape when he sees la tonnara?
Tuna swims along the coast, looking only to the left, as if seen by only one eye.
This prevents him from seeing the barrier that leads to the rooms of the tonnara.

Why do we say that the tuna is like pork?
Fishermen say tuna what farmers say not pig throws away nothing.
In the past each tuna was divided in 32 parts and each of them requires specific conservation methods and varying degrees of salting.