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The salt never ceases to amaze: a jump in Hawaii


Hawaii gather two kinds of salt: a black lava origin and one red that comes from the magical encounter with clay.
We recently discovered that the salts have a sex: males are "marine ones", those minerals are "bitches", then both salts Hawaiians, terrestrial in origin, are females.

THEAlaea Rouge, a beautiful brick colour that recalls the hard courts of tennis, was originated as a result of the heavy rains which fed the rivers: these, more and more impetuous, dragged a special clay to the sea and, as a result of the evaporation of water that had collected in pools because of the tides, it generates this colourful rooms as a result of the iron oxide present in large amountsIn addition to many other minerals.

The Black salt Hawaii, on the island of Molokai, the least populated among the Hawaiian Islands, with a few rare town and with a sparse population mostly indigenous and no skyscraper, is the last remaining corner of the old rural world of the archipelago.
The island's saltcomes with coarse-grained and black as pitch. It is worked by craftsmen of the Islands, is rich in minerals of volcanic lava and activated carbon which are added to the sale at the time of drying.
It has a bitter taste, dry and clear in perfumes, with hints of smoke.
The Black Lava salt can give to taste various dishes such as salmon, vegetables and salads, sushi, grilled meats and poultry and why not, beautify any dish.

Encased in elegant forms, our Salts coming from all over the world are so precious to be presented in elegant packaging and become an excellent idea for an original gift and ideals and unusual to collect.