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Mace biscuits



275 g flour
2 eggs
half a teaspoon Mace powder
125 g butter
200 g sugar
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla essence


Sift the flour, Mace and baking powder into a bowl.

Using the mixer worked at very high speeds the butter into small pieces together with sugar and vanilla. Dovteobtain a cream. Add the eggs one at a time, slowly lowering a little speed. Lower the speed and add the mixture with a spoon of yeast, Mace and flour.

Once worked well you will get a very soft dough which you will reap with wet hands and put in the fridge wrapped in plastic, for two hours.

Once he spent two hours, flour a work surface very well and, using always plenty of flour, roll out the pastry to 3 mm. Crop it with the cookie cutters: put to bake the biscuits in the oven piping hot at 170/180° for 10-12 minutes on a baking paper lined plate or well greased and floured.

After doing well to cool the cookies on a wire rack. Once cold, brush on one side, with a glaze, obtained by mixing icing sugar to very little hot water, until you have a creamy smooth and soft. Let dry thoroughly.