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Agliata (or aggiadda)

The ancient agliata, the plebeian medieval sauce consisted predominantly of crushed garlic cloves, and was used as a preservative but above all as a condiment. Traditionally accompanied all the dishes of fried fish.
Still survives, in rare cases, such ideal sauce to enrich dishes taste of boiled meat or fish.

6 garlic cloves 2 dl of vinegar 20 g of breadcrumbs Pounded in a mortar the garlic by calculating a clove of garlic per person along with breadcrumbs soaked in vinegar.

Obtaining a homogeneous mixture, pour the remaining vinegar and distemper. The ancient agliata is ready. Other recipe-median-involves the addition of oil (for moderating the scent), as the pinch of salt and a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper.

You will form a compact and relatively dense cream, from "al-lungare" with vinegar. From just "fried" agliata (heated) in the Pan you diversificava that "in carpione", with the addition of onion and peppercorns.

Perfumed and delicious since steeping at least twelve hours. Certainly the use of garlic is a native of nearby Provence, while the onion is closer to Spanish culture.

Of course the use of garlic from Vessalico allows you to soften considerably, if not erase, side effects of this recipe.