Our philosophy

Why Palatifini.it

Roberto PanizzaPalatifini.it was born from the desire to offer network users the ability to access our extensive catalogue and buy our products with simple procedures.

Always distinguish us for the quality of the offer and in these years we have constantly varied assortment to meet new demands and requirements.

When I started to take care of the shop in Via Cesarea, and speak of 1988, full of novelty were the Chinese cuisine in the complete assortment package of Kellogg's products or jams.

Since then there has been a great evolution in the supply and demand of the public, that we like to think we helped "educate" offering the best of what Italy and the rest of the world in the field of producing quality food.

In my shop you won't find everything because I have chosen to offer you the same things that I offer to the customers of the shop, the ones that I think have the most significance in terms of the quality, of their history, their rarity and, why not, of their price.

The continuous research of products throughout Italy level lets us know that you do not crafters are mounted heads and continue to work in exceptional manner with great passion for their products. Of course, this us away from the industrial price but if you're here looking for something different.

I invite you to browse through the shelves of my online store and I'll be glad to receive any comments or criticisms that help me improve it.

Roberto Panizza, info@palatifini.eu